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Yesterday at the Missouri Ethics Commission for the initiative campaign to repel “right to get paid less” in Missouri:

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri UFCW Local No. 88 Meat Cutters Union 5730 Elizabeth Ave St Louis MO 63110 7/27/2017 $25,000.00

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri Laborers International Union of North America Laborers Local No. 110 4532 S. Lindbergh Blvd Sunset Hills MO 63127 7/27/2017 $46,500.00

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri CHIPP Political Account 1401 Hampton Ave 3rd Floor St Louis MO 63130 7/27/2017 $190,264.00

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri International Union of Operating Engineers 1125 Seventeenth Street, NW Washington DC 20036 7/27/2017 $60,000.00

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri IBEW Local Union 257 209 Flora Drive Jefferson City MO 65101
7/27/2017 $9,000.00

C171127 07/28/2017 We Are Missouri UFCW Local 655 300 Weidman Rd Ballwin MO 63011 7/28/2017 $42,660.59

[emphasis added]

The committee:

C171127: We Are Missouri
Committee Type: Campaign

Ballot Measure History Ballot Measures Election Date Subject Support/Oppose

Constitutional Amendment To Article I, Relating To Collective Bargaining, Version 1-10
Shall The Missouri Constitution Be Amended To Prohibit Impairing, Restricting Or Limiting The Ability Of Employees To Negotiate, Enter Into And Enforce Certain Collectively Bargained Agreements With An Employer?

Referendum For Senate Substitute 2 For Senate Bill 19, 2018-R002
Do The People Of The State Of Missouri Want To Adopt Senate Bill 19 (“Right-To-Work”) As Passed By The General Assembly In 2017, Which Prohibits As A Condition Of Employment The Forced Membership In A Labor Organization (Union) Or Forced Payments Of Dues In Full Or Pro-Rata (Fair-Share); Make Any Activity Which Violates Employees’ Rights Illegal And Ineffective; Allow Legal Remedies For Anyone Injured As A Result Of Another Person Violating Or Threatening To Violate Employees’ Rights; And Which Shall Not Apply To Union Agreements Entered Into Before The Effective Date Of Senate Bill 19?

[emphasis added]

There are a lot more working people than there are reactionary billionaires. It’s just that the reactionary billionaires have a lot more money and power.


Campaign Finance: pull up a PAC, add more money, campaign against organized labor (July 28, 2017)