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Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) [2017 file photo].

Donald Trump (r) announced today that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) released the following statement:

Congressman Cleaver Releases Statement Regarding Paris Climate Agreement
Jun 1, 2017 Press Release
(Kansas City, MO) – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II released the following statement regarding President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

“A withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is short-sighted and a dangerous nod to the National Flat Earth Agency and others who refuse to accept the science that has been embraced by every nation on the planet except war-torn Syria and dictator-driven Nicaragua.

Staying in the Paris Climate Agreement is an opportunity for the U.S. to reaffirm its global leadership and the best way to hold India, China, and other nations accountable on taking real actions to combat pollution. Regardless of what President Trump does, American cities, states, and businesses are embracing real climate solutions and providing new U.S. innovations and jobs.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement will not stop the global momentum towards a clean energy economy, it will only put America at an economic disadvantage. The U.S. would be leaving the 200 other nations in the Agreement to join the only two countries in the world who have not signed – Syria and Nicaragua. This is not the diplomatic, economic, or moral position we want. Tragically, this presidential decision is an act of inexperienced ignorance.”

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II, (MO-05)

“…Tragically, this presidential decision is an act of inexperienced ignorance.”

That’s being charitable.