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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2017 file photo].

From Senator Claire McCaskill (D) this morning via Twitter:

Claire McCaskill‏ @clairecmc
Intelligence on ISIS is our most valuable asset in war against terrorism.Extreme caution must be used to protect it & allies that provide it
9:27 AM – 16 May 2017

Well, the horse has already left that barn.

Some of the responses on Twitter:

The legislative branch (R & D) must use its powers to stand up to, and protect us from, a runaway executive branch.

And how are DT’s actions NOT treasonous? Is treason not grounds for impeachment? If not, Congress write new laws to prevent this in future.

I was encouraged by your statements re: oversight at town hall. But, I’m loosing hope for democracy. When will executive branch be checked?

Hey Claire contact the Russian photographer he most likely has a “tape” of meeting??

Sadly, it appears we won’t be getting intelligence on ISIS from this particular ally going forward because of @POTUS. Loose lips sink ships!

But we r safer with Rump as president! NOT!! But her emails! Such bullshit!

Our allies as they did before the election are asking us: What are you going to do about this?


Impeach him.

Please help make this stop Senator – our president is mentally ill.

The 25th Amendment, Section 4.

Then it is time to STOP the malignant narcissist russian asset, Agent Orange. NOW! Force the R’s to do so.

We’re doomed.