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Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) [2016 file photo].

Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D) made a brief appearance this morning on MSNBC’s AM Joy.

Representative Cleaver first handled a question from Joy Reid on Senator Lindsey Graham’s (r) remarks that Democrats’ treatment of Donald Trump as president is unprecedented while republicans were “somewhat respectful” of Obama. The good representative from Missouri had none of that.

Right wingnuts nor most old media have no capacity for memory longer than two weeks. Joy Reid is a welcome exception in the media.

In answer to a question, from Joy Reid, referring to Donald Trump’s (r) tweet threatening former FBI Director Jim Comey with a “taped” conversation Representative Cleaver was of the opinion that republicans should stand up and speak out

On another question, from Joy Reid, on establishing an independent commission on Russia – Representative Cleaver stated, “When the nation is at its worst it needs a Congress at its best. And we’re not at our best when our whole, when one whole side of Congress has already decided that the president is just, uh, being beaten up unfairly. And it’s, and it’s rather sick.”

It is sick.