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I took the graphic below from Talking Points Memo where it is put forward with the following warning: “Please don’t share this image far and wide because then people would know all of President Trump’s broken promises about health insurance for millions of people.” I’m assuming that this is a tongue-in-cheek invitation to share the image far and wide, so I’m taking advantage of TPM’s work to make the point about how dim-witted our truth-challenged President thinks his supporters are. And, sadly, he may be right

What Trump promised:


What Trumpcare delivers:

  1. Current estimates are that 10-15 million people will lose healthcare if Trumpcare is passed in its present  form – which is why Republicans are trying to rush it through Congress before the Congressional Budget Office delivers the official score.*
  2. According to the Kaiser Foundation, Trumpcare would give those in the individual market on average $1,700 less help with premiums in 2020, compared to the ACA’s premium tax credits.
  3. The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) notes that this this projected loss would vary by state – from a high of over $10,000 in Alaska to about $49 in Indiana. In Missouri, tax credits would decrease assistance to consumers by $2,312 a year.
  4. Hardest hit would be older and lower-income consumers.
  5. Low-income consumers would also lose help with deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs.
  6. The CBPP also notes that because the tax credits that are proposed to take the place of Obamacare subsidies are so demonstrably insufficient, they would help destabilize the individual market and possibly destroy it completely – so no insurance for folks not insured by employers, Medicare and the scanty Medicaid that will remain after Trumpcare reins in the expansion.
  7. The consumers who will be hit the largest are by-and-large an important part of Trump’s die-hard supporters. Greg Sargent pulled the following statistics about where the Trumpcare impact would land hardest out of a chart published in the New York Times:
    • Those who stand to lose more than $7,500 in subsidies went for Trump by 58-39.
    • Those who stand to lose between $5,000 and $7,500 went for Trump by 60-35.
    • Those who stand to lose between $2,500 and $5,000 went for Trump by 49-45.
    • Those who stand to lose between $1,000 and $2,500 went for Trump by 46-46.
  8. By cutting the tax on those making more than $200,000, which was used to shore up Medicare, Trumpcare will deplete Medicare resources much sooner than would have otherwise been the case.

And this is only a partial catalogue of the potential problems with this dismally amateurish  effort at healthcare policy.

So what does Trump – the man who gave us the “bigly health insurance promises” enumerated above – have to say about this plan? He thinks it’s “wonderful.”

Holy Sweet Jesus! This man is our president. For the next four years. Unless he screws up with the corruption and foreign influence scandals to the point that even the GOP congress has to hit the impeachment button. And given how compliant they currently are, that would have to be a whole crap load of corruption.

UPDATE:  CBO scoring just released today. lt’s really bad. How bad? Here’s a summary of the numbers from  the Washington Post. GOPers reacting with dum-dum denial or slick misdirection – saying things like Trumpcare will increase “access” to healthcare. You can do you know what with “access” to health care coverage I can’t afford to purchase – I need to be covered so I can get “access” to medical care.