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We’re only a few weeks into the Trumpocalypse and along with all right-thinking people Senator Claire McCaskill (D) is getting busy:

Two Democratic Senators have questioned the security of Donald Trump’s smartphone, three weeks after it was reported that the president was using an unsecured, off-the-shelf Samsung Android device. Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper — both of whom serve on the Homeland Security Committee — put a list of questions about Trump’s phone habits in a letter to Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis dated February 9th and released today.

McCaskill and Carper say that the recent reports suggesting that the president may still be using his old device were “troubling” — in part because it doesn’t leave a record of what he’s been saying. “While it is important for the President to have the ability to communicate electronically,” the letter reads, “it is equally important that he does so in a manner that is secure and that ensures the preservation of presidential records.”

But more of a problem may be Trump’s smartphone security. “Hackers often target smartphones in an attempt to obtain sensitive, personal information from the user,” the letter reads. “Security risks associated with the use of an unsecured phone include hackers’ ability to access the device to turn on audio recording and camera features, as well as engaging surveillance tools that allow location and other information tracking features,” the Senators say. “These vulnerabilities are among the reasons why national security agencies discourage the use of personal devices.”

Hmmm … didn’t the same Donald Trump spend most of last fall bloviating about how he was going to lock Hillary Clinton up because she used a private email server for State Department business? There wasn’t any evidence of significant security breaches or any criminal activity, but prior to the election GOPers in Congress investigated the daylights out of Clinton’s server. Over and over. And found nothing. Over and over. Which didn’t stop Trump from going to town on the promise that he’d get that prison ball rolling one way or another.

Now you can’t get the same actors to investigate compromising links between the Trump White House and the Russian government. Times change. Although there are some congressional types folks – like Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight Committee – who want to launch an investigation to find out how the information that something was going on got out and exposed the both the cupidity and the fecklessness of Team Trump.

Personally, I’m more than ready to lock Trump up or just kick him out of the White House. I glad McCaskill’s on the ball when it comes to this latest problem. It’s kinda like the Russian problem with Flynn – although Trump knew about Flynn weeks ago, he wasn’t going to do anything until the evidence of his cupidity and/or fecklessness got out independently. Same way, the phone issue came up three weeks ago and he apparently blew it off.

So go get him, Claire, and let’s lock him up