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You think the nameplate is on the door in the Supreme Court building yet? Just asking.

At the Missouri Attorney General web site:

"Bio will be posted soon."

“Bio will be posted soon.”

Maybe not.

Last night we were on the receiving end of a short robocall poll for the 2018 U.S. Senate race in Missouri. Think about that.

We were asked to choose between [press 1] a republican and [press 2] the Democrat, Claire McCaskill. The republican choices, in the order they were presented, were: Ann Wagner, the retired NASCAR guy [?], Josh Hawley, and Vicky Hartzler.

So, Josh Hawley (r) has been in office, what, just under three weeks? Go figure.


Attorney General Josh Hawley (r): the pepul of Misoori our stoopit (January 23, 2017)