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Missouri’s republican Presidential Electors met in the Senate Lounge in the capitol building in Jefferson City today to cast their votes.

About eighty individuals opposed to Donald Trump gathered in the morning outside in sub freezing temperatures on a public sidewalk near the capitol building underground parking entrance. Public speech is always accessible on a public sidewalk, even when you don’t have a permit for the capitol grounds.

There were other protesters inside the building.

For some reason there was an unmistakable Russian air to the proceedings.

In Russian – “We are so fucked”

Yeah, on hearing the translation of that sign and reading the English underneath it several of us shared a gut busting laugh – which probably caused permanent physical damage.

The driver of one vehicle, passing by away from the capitol, rolled down his window and yelled, “Build that wall.” There were a number of passersby who honked car horns, waved, and gave a thumbs up. There were fewer who scowled and a few others who extended their middle fingers.

Make Our Children Proud.

Make Our Children Proud.

A passenger in a passing car rolled down her window and told a protester with a sign, “You should be ashamed.” The protester responded, “You should be ashamed.”

“We are watching, comrades.”

A Trump paraphernalia bedecked supporter came out of the building to watch the proceedings and take some pictures with his phone. He turned to me while I was photographing the demonstration and said, “It’s a great day.” I didn’t respond. Later, his phone rang. He explained to the individual on the other end of the call that he had acquired a seat in the Senate Lounge to watch the proceedings.


Then the real power in Missouri and America showed up:



Tell that to Chris Koster.

In Russian: “Make America Great Again”:


At one point a passing vehicle stopped further down the line, the occupants yelling at protesters, some who responded. As he proceeded down the line the driver shouted, “Get a job!”

That is so last decade.

“Get a job!”

Dude, you were there at the same time. You get a job.


Vote Your Conscience.

Vote Your Conscience.

A conversation (not a Trump supporter):


Dump Trump.

Dump Trump.

This was not going to change any republican Elector’s mind or vote. The reality of this vestigial institution is that partisans fulfill the ceremonial role. They got there because their party put them there. They were never going to and never will change their vote.

Trump’s true believers, like their savior, demand that everyone else acquiesce and accept his ascension. It drives them insane when others don’t. Doubly so when they and he are mocked in public.

It’s going to be a long four years. They should get used to it.


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