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In case anyone has any doubts about the level of stupidity our newest batch of fearless GOP leaders will manifest over the next few years, they should be allayed by this tidbit from TPM:

A south California Republican who welcomes drastic climate change with open arms was on Tuesday elected to a seat on the Golden State’s Legislature.

“Most of the Muslim nations are in the hot areas of the world,” Randy Voepel, who will represent suburban San Diego, told the Los Angeles Times in an interview last week.


Almost a decade ago, he told an LA Times reporter that climate change was positive because “our enemies are on the equator” and would be most aversely affected.

I’m willing to bet this GOP bozo is also up in arms about admitting refugees from the Middle East. Well, guess what – as climate change intensifies, the number of those refugees will become overwhelming. Admitting them or not admitting them to the U.S. or Europe will do nothing to quell the inevitable conflicts that will destabilize less “equatorial” communities along with those hot, dry places Voepel evidently knows next to nothing about.

As a matter of fact, climate change may be at least in part responsible for the quagmire the U.S. is trying to negotiate right now relative to terrorism, ISIS, and the civil war in Syria – which has been experiencing an “historic” drought that climate scientists believe to have been exacerbated by, you guessed it, climate change:

Climate scientists have argued that global warming very likely exacerbated the historic drought, thanks to potentially permanent changes to wind and rainfall patterns. Thus, even if negotiators do reach a resolution, the underlying strains in the region may be here to stay. In fact, almost half of the countries most at risk of water shortages in the coming decades are in the Middle East or North Africa.

The sad reality is that supply disruptions are increasingly likely at the same time as the world is facing rising demand for water. The toxic combination of population increases and water-intensive lifestyles, driven by affluence, may lead to devastating price spikes. Expect water wars in the decades ahead.

But climate change will impact more than access to water. The Pentagon recognizes global warming as a significant strategic threat, saying that it could it could cause “instability in other countries by impairing access to food and water, damaging infrastructure, spreading disease, uprooting and displacing large numbers of people, compelling mass migration, interrupting commercial activity, or restricting electricity availability.” Further, the U.S. military fears such disruptions could “create an avenue for extremist ideologies and conditions that foster terrorism.

So the next time an ISIS operative, formal or internet-radicalized, U.S. bred or foreign, explodes a bomb in the U.S., think about the role climate change played in the resulting casualties. But don’t wait for Donald Trump and his potential National Security Advisor, Dr. Strangelove’s General Buck Turgidson retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, to factor these details into their response to international terrorism.

And remember, we’ve got our own borderline desert states and our own incipient water wars. And plenty of GOP-loving “entrepreneurs” ready  to capitalize on scarcity. Given time, we’ll probably have our own internal refugees.

Voepel and his ilk, including, of course, Donald “Climate Change is a Chinese Plot” Trump, will learn the hard way that the chickens always come home to roost. Sad thing is, though, it’s the rest of us who’ll be wiping up their fecal droppings.