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Via TPM, we learn that Missouri’s Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is claiming that many of her senate colleagues are saying one thing – they support Donald Trump – and planning on doing something else, namely, vote for Hillary Clinton:

“I believe, and I’m basing this on some of the things my colleagues have said to me, I believe the majority of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate are not going to vote for Donald Trump,” she told radio host McGraw Milhaven Wednesday on Missouri’s KTRS, as reported by CNN.

“Because they know that they can work with Hillary Clinton and get some things done,” she continued.

McCaskill’s assertion that GOPers might vote for Hillary in order “to get some things done” is surprising and renders her judgment suspect. Who really believes that Republicans want to get anything done? We’ve certainly seen scant evidence of such a desire over the past eight years – unless it’s cutting taxes for rich folks or repealing Obamacare, goals with which I doubt Hillary will concur. And we’re already hearing about how Republicans are planning to logjam her administration.

And if McCaskill’s right, what does it mean about Republicans?

First, it would imply that these folks are totally out of sync with the most numerous part of their base and scared silly that that base will find out. And given the angry, racist, authoritarian nature of many of the groups they have empowered via years of reprehensible and only partially masked dog whistles, their fear is understandable.

Second, it lends credence to claims that Republicans depend on their base to give them power that they then use to serve an entirely different master. The GOP manipulates poorly-informed, older, angry, white voters, Trump’s main supporters, who are largely motivated by resentment to help the party obtain the power it needs to service the needs of the corporate and oligarchic elites who pay the bills. Those elites, however, fear the havoc that a Trump victory could create.

Third, it means that lots of Republicans are flat-out hypocrites who care more about self-preservation than they do about public welfare and the future of the United States. Otherwise, they’d put GOP spin aside, tell the truth to their constituencies and encourage them to vote for Hillary too.

Finally, it tells us that the GOP believes Trump is a loser, both personally and on Nov. 8.