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Donald Trump (r) stepped on his…ego, again. As if anyone should be surprised. You’d think the family values exposed in the audio recording would elicit a strong response in certain quarters.

Via Twitter, from Senator Roy Blunt’s (r) campaign:


RoyBluntMO ‏@RoyBluntMO
Donald Trump’s statements were disrespectful and inappropriate, and he was right to apologize.
11:20 PM – 7 Oct 2016

In January a much more extensive sternly worded letter to Donald Trump’s publicist will follow under separate cover.

Apparently Roy Blunt’s campaign believes it took a monumental act of courage on the part of Donald Trump to go against the sea of voices calling for him to not apologize. Seriously?

That mush supposedly didn’t come from Roy Blunt (r):


RoyBluntMO @RoyBluntMO
I’m running for Senate to deliver real results for the people of Missouri. All tweets are from the campaign unless signed -RB.

Now that’s a real profile in courage.