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According to an article in Talking Points Memo, Republican Senator Roy Blunt will continue to endorse Donald Trump in spite of the recent brouhaha about what fellow Missouri Republican Ann Wagner terms Trump’s “predatory and reprehensible comments” about women. Blunt’s rationale is … Obama:

“I am glad to see that he understands more about the country now than he believes he did when this process started,” Blunt said, referring to a comment Trump made in his apology for the remarks. “I think if you want to solve the problems that have been created over the last eight years, you can’t have a third Obama administration. So he needs to be vigorous in explaining how he is a different man than that person, but how he hopes to lead the country and I think he may very well get that done.”

Problems that have been created over the last eight years? Like bringing a depression-bound economy back from the dead, pushing unemployment figures to less than 5%, and encouraging a steadily expanding economy? There’s lots more of that type of problem on the record and it was all accomplished despite record levels of GOP obstruction in which Roy Blunt was an enthusiastic participant. Close to 55% of Americans now approve of Obama’s performance in office. So, as far as a “third Obama administration” goes – preferably one without Roy Blunt in the Senate – why not?

But enough. We all know that the real reason for Blunt’s fealty to Trump lies in the fact that Missouri is one of those states where Trump is riding high and likely to continue to do so. The latest Emerson Poll has Trump up 13% in Missouri; Blunt hasn’t got any problem with those coattails and he’s gambling that a tape telling the red-meat eaters what we already knew about Trump won’t cut them off too short.

Ann Wagner, who has renounced Trump in the wake of the recent revelations must appeal to more moderate, suburban St. Louis voters who were already disturbed by Trump. Blunt, however, faced with a strong Democratic challenger in Jason Kander who, arguably, has some cross-over appeal to more moderate Republicans, can’t afford to dampen his support among the Trump-loving, out-state Republican base.

But, for the record, Blunt did say that Trump’s remarks “were disrespectful and inappropriate.” It’s called covering your backside.