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Right. Because they’re all the same?

Yesterday Digby engaged someone via Twitter:


digby ‏@digby56
What would be helpful for people to do to earn it? (I’m not being snarky. I’m truly interested in ideas.)

Symone D. Sanders @SymoneDSanders
Too many of y’all in my mentions need to stop telling millennials voter what you think we should do and start trying to earn our support

5:40 PM – 17 Sep 2016

That’s a nice gesture from Digby.

What’s the alternative to spoon feeding? I dunno, maybe inform curious people that they can easily look some information up on the, you know, Internets? And then apply a healthy dose of critical thinking. That seems like a good place to start. Unless they want to be spoon fed.

In reply to Digby:


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
@digby56 Back in the old days we all thought not being the insane candidate was enough.
5:51 PM – 17 Sep 2016

I couldn’t resist piling on:


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
@digby56 In 2008 when asked if we wanted chicken or $#*& with ground up glass in it we didn’t ask,”That depends, how is the chicken cooked?”
6:05 PM – 17 Sep 2016

That was in reference to a classic from David Sedaris in 2008.

And, finally:


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
@digby56 Back in the old days we actually considered daisies, countdowns, and who would control the nuclear football and voted accordingly.
6:08 PM – 17 Sep 2016

At this point, given the objective choices, if they’re not there they never will be, nor were they ever going to be.