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What else could you surmise about their opinion of us? – from the latest mailing they sent to voters attacking Jason Kander (D) in the U.S. Senate race:

The “B” side of an Americans for Prosperity funded mail piece attacking Jason Kander (D).

The “B” side of an Americans for Prosperity funded mail piece attacking Jason Kander (D).

Ah, the e-vile Obamacare is the subject of the first chevron. From Politifact:

….Just 7 percent of all plans in the federal exchange had a proposed rate hike of 30 percent or higher, estimates Agile Health Insurance, which bills itself as “an affordable alternative to Obamacare.” That translates to average increases at far lower levels than what Trump said.

Looking at finalized rates for the lowest and second-lowest cost marketplace plans in the silver category — which are the basis for federal premium subsidies and chosen by 68 percent of enrollees — the average increase is nowhere near 35 to 55 percent.

The Kaiser Family Foundation found that the cost of a benchmark silver plan will be 4.4 percent more expensive on average across major cities in 13 states and Washington, D.C. (Again, that is a smaller annual increase than what had been occurring before Obamacare became law.)

According to Kaiser, enrollees in Minneapolis will see the biggest premium increase at 28.7 percent. On the other end of the spectrum, plans will actually decrease by 10.4 percent in Seattle….

“…Again, that is a smaller annual increase than what had been occurring before Obamacare became law…”

Fancy that.

Rex Sinquefield’s Show Me Institute [pdf] is cited as the source of the middle chevron:

….The jewel in [Rex Sinquefield’s] privatization crown is the Missouri-based Show-Me Institute, a right-wing “think tank” that pushes education overhaul (and other policies), and receives just shy of $1 million every year from the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation. Rex Sinquefield is the Institute’s President….

….SMI is also funded by some big out-of-state interests. The Koch-tied Donors Capital Fund has given over $567,941 to SMI between 2005 and 2011. Right-wing funds like the Roe Foundation, the JM Foundation and the Castle Rock Foundation have also given to the group directly. It has also received funding from Apex Oil Company….

Because Kansas is doing so very well.

As for the third chevron: if the right wingnut controlled Missouri General Assembly would have approved Medicaid expansion (thus providing access to affordable health care to hundreds of thousands of poor Missourians) the tax dollars we have already paid would have stayed in Missouri for that purpose instead of going to other states to help provide access to affordable health care to their poor citizens. That’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The “A” side of an Americans for Prosperity funded mail piece attacking Jason Kander (D).

The “A” side of an Americans for Prosperity funded mail piece attacking Jason Kander (D).

Again, the “paid for” disclaimer is for Americans for Prosperity. The return address is for Americans for Prosperity – Missouri.

And who pays for Americans for Prosperity?:

Americans for Prosperity
Americans for Prosperity is a right-wing political advocacy group founded by billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, the owners of Koch Industries.[1]

AFP serves as the Kochs’ “grassroots” operation, also known as astroturf. AFP spends millions on TV ads in election cycles. In the 2012 election cycle, it was a key component of the Kochs’ $400 million political network, receiving large portions of its money from Koch-linked dark money groups like Freedom Partners, American Encore, and Donors Trust. AFP’s budget, which comes from the Koch family foundations and other unknown sources, surged from $7 million in 2007 to $40 million in 2010 to $115 million in 2012. [2] According to the Center for Public Integrity, Americans for Prosperity “spent a staggering $122 million (in 2012) as it unsuccessfully attempted to defeat President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats,” including $83 million on “communications, ads, and media.”[3]

AFP’s messages are in sync with those of other groups funded by the Kochs and the Kochs’ other special interest groups that work against progressive or Democratic initiatives and protections for workers and the environment. Accordingly, AFP opposes labor unions, health care reform, stimulus spending, and any effort to combat climate change including President Obama’s 2015 Clean Power Plan….

Alrighty then.

So, in the teeny, tiny footnotes there’s a reference to Jason Kander’s (D) votes against HCR 46 in 2010. A summary:

HCR 46 Funderburk, Doug
Urges the Environmental Protection Agency to rescind its formal endangerment finding on greenhouse gases and urges our congressional delegation to vote against H.R. 2454 known as “Cap and Trade” (LR# 4779L.02I)

Okay, so Jason Kander (D) voted against a symbolic right wingnut anti-environment resolution. What sane person wouldn’t?

And, also in those teeny, tiny footnotes is another reference to Jason Kander’s (D) vote against another symbolic right wingnut anti-Affordable Care Act resolution:

HCR 18 Diehl, John
Urges the Missouri Congressional delegation to vote against H.R. 3200, the federal health care reform legislation (LR# 4336L.03I)

Obviously before they started calling it Obamacare. How quaint. So, what? There have been, what, over sixty failed repeal votes in Congress?

That’s all they’ve got? The do have a lot of money to send mailings filled with scare quotes and dark and fuzzy photos.


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