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Senator Tim Kaine [May 2012 file photo].

Senator Tim Kaine [May 2012 file photo].

Yesterday, from Hillary Clinton:


Hillary Clinton‏@HillaryClinton
I’m thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine, a man who’s devoted his life to fighting for others. -H 7:11 PM – 22 Jul 2016

From Cecile Richards at Planned Parenthood:


Cecile Richards‏@CecileRichards
.@HillaryClinton’s VP pick @TimKaine earned a 100% rating on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund scorecard in the Senate. 7:12 PM – 22 Jul 2016

Action in Virginia:


Siva Vaidhyanathan ‏@sivavaid
Keep hearing Kaine is “safe” and “not courageous.” Here in Virginia he won statewide opposing the NRA, coal, and the death penalty. 8:27 PM – 22 Jul 2016

On language:


Edward Mejia Davis ‏@TeddyDavisCNN
.@timkaine was the 1st person to deliver a Senate floor speech entirely in Spanish-today, it hangs in his DC office. 9:07 AM – 23 Jul 2016


Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin
And, Senator Tim Kaine (D) @timkaine is not Governor Mike Pence (r). 9:24 AM – 23 Jul 2016

Okay. There’s work to be done.