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There aren’t.

In 2011:

…I, I, haven’t given up on the two party system. I, I think that it’s served our country well. But, I don’t, I don’t think it’s working so well right now. And it’s, it’s interesting to try to analyze why that’s the case. Some people say that with congressional redistricting we’ve created these safe districts and, and so the result of that is that politicians aren’t competing for the center of American politics they’re just trying to please the base of their political party. And the base of each party has tended to get just extreme…

Yeah, right. Words and actions.

Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Josh Hawley’s (r) 2016 campaign for Attorney General:

C151132 06/22/2016 HAWLEY FOR MISSOURI John Danforth 911 Tirrill Farms Rd Saint Louis MO 63124 Dowd Bennett LLP Attorney 6/22/2016 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

Because Clarence Thomas (r) hasn’t done enough damage?


Campaign Finance: there’s no such thing as a “moderate” republican (October 14, 2015)