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Interestingly, they weren’t at a campaign phone bank or going door to door directly contacting voters who might actually vote in the California primary in June. Maybe they still think there’s still plenty of time left.

Yesterday, via Twitter:


Jen Michigander
‏@JenMichigander My state party is on this list. #UniteBlue

While supporters of Sanders were banging pots and pans outside of the fundraiser hosted by George Clooney (#%#k max) – Hillary’s campaign was building the revolution Bernie claims we need.
$2,700 – Hillary Primary Campaign
$2,700 – Hillary General Campaign
$33k – DNC
10 K for each of these state parties-
WI, OK, NH, PA, TX, FL, NV, CO, OH, UT, AK, MS., MO, OR, SC, TN, MA,
GA, ID, MI, MN, MO, RI, WV, WY, NC, LA, IN, Ark, MA, VA.
Also, for the Dem party in Puerto Rico.

Literally, 1.6% of it is for Hillary’s campaign, and 98.4% is for the party. Let that sink in.

10:05 PM – 16 Apr 2016

Of course, cable and network talking heads always have difficulty understanding such practical concepts.