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Hillary Clinton [2014 file photo].

Hillary Clinton [2014 file photo].

As it stands to date (via RealClearPolitics):

2016 Democratic Popular Vote
RCP Total – Clinton 8,651,128 Sanders 6,111,918 Clinton +2,539,210

[emphasis added]

Election 2016 — Democratic Delegate Count
Delegates Won – [Total available – pledged] 4051 Clinton 1119 Sanders 813
Superdelegates – (712) Clinton 467 Sanders 26

[emphasis added]

In Slate:

How Hillary Clinton Keeps Winning
Obama beat her with the same strategy she’s using to pull away from Bernie Sanders.
By Jamelle Bouie

….Clinton still has a long slog to the nomination—it takes time to accumulate the delegates she needs—but it’s a clear one, without major obstacles. In a sense, she and her team have reverse-engineered Obama’s 2008 effort, bringing “establishment” resources—huge fundraising and tremendous party support—to bear on an insurgent-style campaign that focused on voter contacts and organizing instead of paid media and massive events….

If you attend a rally for the opposition party’s leading candidate and get punched in the face it doesn’t qualify as a particular effective get out the vote activity for your candidate. I suspect that it works quite well for the opposition candidate.

“…that focused on voter contacts and organizing instead of paid media and massive events…”

Exactly this.

In a world where t-shirts, bumper stickers, and campaign rallies are a lot of fun the real work gets done by those who try to persuade actual voters by knocking on doors and staffing phone banks. And come election day you drag your voters to the polls.


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