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Early this morning, from Senator Claire McCaskill (D), via Twitter:


Claire McCaskill Verified account 
‏@clairecmc Where Rand Paul and Ted Cruz prove to America they should be President by making us vote at 1am. Genius. 12:14 AM – 30 Oct 2015

Heh. Did Marco Rubio (r) bother to show up? Just asking.

Some of the responses:


Angela ‏@AnelaKona
@clairecmc you guys should work on Christmas and Easter since you like separation of church and state so much. 12:52 AM – 30 Oct 2015

Uh, so did the founding fathers – like separation of church and state that is. See for instance Article VI of the U.S. Constitution.


NH Stands With Rand ‏@NHForRand
@clairecmc someone’s upset they have to do their job! Typical! Just give you tax payers money and you will spend as much as you can right? 12:19 AM – 30 Oct 2015

Uh, that’s debt that has already been incurred.

Ah yes, sort of libertarians. The folks who believe that interstate commerce can be more easily accomplished by individuals carrying their wares in backpacks cross country. Fact: the floating DeLorean, while in a movie, has not actually been invented yet.


Darren Burrows ‏@RealBurrows
@clairecmc Is it really so awful to conceive that we only spend what comes in? Every American family does it. #BadBudgetBill 6:14 AM – 30 Oct 2015

Evidently has never had to get a mortgage to buy a home.

There’s plenty more where this stuff came from. The best quip:


D. Davenport, CFRE ‏@Ddavenport
@clairecmc Holy crap there are a lot of pissed Cardinals fans on Twitter tonight. #Royals 12:56 AM – 30 Oct 2015