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Tweeting Texas governor plays Dewey to KC’s Truman as Royals-Astros game turns

On Monday, someone with access to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s [r] official Twitter account posted congratulations to the home-state Astros — roughly six outs before their playoff game with the Royals was over….

The Astros went on to lose that game and then lost the series to the Royals in Kansas City last night.

Yesterday, from the republican Governor of Texas:


Greg Abbott ‏@GregAbbott_TX
I don’t believe in curses or jinks. But just in case they really work: Congratulations @HillaryClinton. 10:03 PM – 14 Oct 2015

And, this being the Internets, the winning reply:


Kevin Garner ‏@kevintgarner
.@GregAbbott_TX Though @HillaryClinton would improve our education so students know how to spell jinx #Hillary2016 10:34 PM – 14 Oct 2015

Heh. October hijinks.