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…every time. Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) just can’t let that icky gay marriage stuff go. Yesterday, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler

I stand with Kim Davis. It’s a sad day when we imprison someone in America because of their beliefs. Freedom of religion is our first right. 8:59 PM – 4 Sep 2015

The replies:

Jeremy Neely ‏@jeremyneely

@RepHartzler Do you seriously support such defiance of her sworn oath? If she can’t execute the law in good conscience, give up the office. 9:15 PM – 4 Sep 2015

Edgar Shmedlap ‏@edgar_schmedlap

@RepHartzler it’s a sad day when a US Congresswoman turns her back on the law. You are an embarrassment to my district. 12:57 AM – 5 Sep 2015

Marc ‏@alvarado_marc

@RepHartzler Wasn’t jailed for her beliefs. She was jailed because she failed to do her job. Should find another job. 9:31 PM – 4 Sep 2015

To be more specific, she was jailed for contempt for defying a court order to do her job.

Mike Horton ‏@MikeHortonMU

.@RepHartzler Quit pandering and admit that she failed to fulfill the duty of her office. She broke the law of the land, plain and simple. 7:37 AM – 5 Sep 2015

Tina Ellsworth ‏@TinaEllsworthKU

@RepHartzler she wasn’t asked to violate the practice of her faith. She was forcing her views on others. 9:11 PM – 4 Sep 2015

There is the literal prohibition “thou shalt not issue marriage licenses to those icky…” Oh, wait, that’s just made up.

Heath Oates ‏@heathoates

@RepHartzler “congress shall pass no law respecting an ESTABLISHMENT of religion”… That’s actually our first right. 9:05 PM – 4 Sep 2015

r u i n s ‏@cmruins

@RepHartzler it was her actions, not her beliefs, that sent her to prison. She had choices and she chose wrong. Could have easily resigned. 9:46 PM – 4 Sep 2015

Three Guys Drinkin’ ‏@3guysdrinkin

@RepHartzler she refuses to do her job and can’t be fired so she needs to resign. Getting paid for not working is called welfare. #GOP 9:20 PM – 4 Sep 2015

Three Guys Drinkin’ ‏@3guysdrinkin

@RepHartzler wait. You’re talkin bout Obama, right? 11:55 AM – 6 Sep 2015

Nathan Beckett ‏@gwoNasty

@RepHartzler thanks for speaking up. Now I know what I need to about you. 8:25 AM – 5 Sep 2015

A single issue voter perhaps?

Defenders ‏@defendunborn

@RepHartzler then do something about it! Impeach the judge. Saying you stand with her while she is in jail is useless. 1:58 AM – 5 Sep 2015

Yeah, that’ll work…


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