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The Speaker of the Missouri House. An intern.

Speaker John Diehl (r) [May 2014 file photo].

Last night Speaker Diehl’s (r) very brief appearance after a long media stakeout didn’t go so well:

Eli Yokley ‏@eyokley

Diehl refused to answer this q: why is it fair for him, the boss, to still be here when the subordinate, he intern, is gone. #MOLeg 11:08 PM – 13 May 2015

Eli Rosenberg ‏@EliKMBC

“I made a stupid mistake” @johndiehljr talked w/ us briefly, then down stairs, through a hall, and into a SUV. #MoLeg  11:30 PM – 13 May 2015

Collin Reischman ‏@CMReischman

@johndiehljr says he did not have sexual relationship with intern in question. Says he will remain as speaker, be here all week. #moleg 11:08 PM – 13 May 2015

Today doesn’t look like it’ll be any better.

Representative Jeremy LeFaver (D):

Jeremy LaFaver ‏@jeremylafaver

Forgiveness shouldn’t mean absolving someone from appropriate consequences. I, too, can forgive. But not with a gavel in your hand. 7:24 AM – 14 May 2015

And pointed:

Alison Dreith ‏@alidreith

After hiding for hours, @johndiehljr emerges from his office SMILING. You can’t make this shit up #moleg #DiehlWatch [….] 7:58 AM – 14 May 2015

JC Elevator ‏@jcelevator

Rep1: What was with the lockdown & #DiehlWatch yesterday? Rep 2: That happens when you replace a #SpinVixen with an intern. #RawDiehl 8:39 AM – 14 May 2015

Scott Charton ‏@ScottCharton

Extra-disturbing is that after #moleg Speaker Diehl made his statement, he got a standing ovation when he walked into GOP caucus. Why? 8:48 AM – 14 May 2015

Easy answer. *IOKIYAR.


Ruh, roh… (May 13, 2015)

What? We’re all what? May 13, 2014)

* it’s okay if you’re a republican