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It just goes to show you – right wingnut priorities remain right wingnut priorities.

A pre-filed bill in the Senate – by Ed Emery (r):

SB 98 Exempts capital gains on gold and silver from income tax and authorizes the storage of gold and silver in private repositories

Sponsor: Emery

LR Number: 0369S.01I Fiscal Note not available


Last Action: 12/1/2014 – Prefiled


Current Bill Summary

SB 98 – This act creates an income tax deduction for the amount of capital gains income incurred by the resident from the exchange of gold or silver issued by the federal government. Such gold and silver held in an nonbank depository will not subject to disclosure except under warrant. The value of gold and silver held by a nonbank depository will be based on the London PM fix for that day. The act also repeals provisions making silver coins of the United States legal tender and limiting the amount that a payment may be made with silver coins.


It’s a good thing, because we were all so worried about this. Not.


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