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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): Sesame Street is too complicated (November 18, 2014)

Uh, there’s a difference between weather and climate. [….]

A lot of people noticed:

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald

How does the obvious stupidity of this not embarrass people? RT @RepHartzler Global warming strikes America! Brrrr! 7:48 AM – 18 Nov 2014

And a sample of the comments in reply to Representative Hartzler (r):

Glic ‏@Glic

.@RepHartzler <— Another elected official who doesn’t understand the difference between weather and climate.#science 7:22 AM – 18 Nov 2014

lawhawk ‏@lawhawk

.@RepHartzler .@BuzzFeedAndrew you do realize that global warming is more than the temp in your corner of the US? Global temps keep rising 7:25 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Hesster56 ‏@hesster56

@RepHartzler Your lack of knowledge is an embarrassment in an elected official. 7:27 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Bart ‏@bart_smith

These morons are at it again. – RT @RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr! 7:27 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Somite ‏@toxicpath

.@RepHartzler global warming isn’t real because it is cold where you are right now * sigh * @BuzzFeedAndrew 7:27 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Eve Zhurbinskiy ‏@gillibranded

Funny how I’m in DC too but yet possess the knowledge that it’s cold in late fall RT “@RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr!” 7:27 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Peg ‏@IowaPeg

.@RepHartzler Aww, are you upset that Joni has stolen your crazy-thunder and are trying to one up her on the batshit scale? Keep trying. 7:27 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Weather Moose ‏@WXMoose

@bart_smith @RepHartzler hey how about we stop using short-term, regional synoptic events for arguments for/against climate change 7:28 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Daniel Aubry ‏@Aubs89

@RepHartzler pray for brains dear. 7:29 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Adam Brown ‏@AdamTilted

Let me guess, you’re “not a scientist.” “@RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr!” 7:29 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Adam Weinstein ‏@AdamWeinstein

You wouldn’t know “global” even if it threatened to get gay-married on your lawn RT @RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr! 7:30 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Turkey Slaying Curt ‏@Curt_Ames

@RepHartzler @toxicpath In other news, the American educational system continues to produce vapid, smugly ignorant citizens. 7:39 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Financial Ownalyst ‏@Cyrus_T_Virus

I am horrified by the notion that you make decisions that affect my well-being RT @RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr! 7:40 AM – 18 Nov 2014

Christy Kilgore ‏@ckilgore

@RepHartzler You know science doesn’t work like that, right? 7:41 AM – 18 Nov 2014

michael hoffman ‏@chelicerata

Like people complaining the Sun is gone at night. RT @RepHartzler: Global warming strikes America! Brrrr! 7:41 AM – 18 Nov 2014

And that’s some of the printable responses.

In the Washington Post:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler wonders why it’s so cold if global warming exists. Here’s the answer.

By Philip Bump November 18 at 1:42 PM

It is that time of year when the weather gets cold – even unexpectedly cold – and online humorists and armchair scientists rise up as one to ask a question: “What happened to ‘global warming’???” It’s a good gag, see, because it’s cold and global warming implies that it will be warm. If you don’t get it, please e-mail me and I will explain further.


There are two options for what Hartzler, a Republican who represents Missouri’s 4th District, hopes to accomplish here. The first is that she’s making a joke about a serious environmental issue that has scientists around the world concerned about how mankind will fare under warmer conditions. We assume a member of Congress wouldn’t make such a joke.


But heat is just one effect, according to the climate report mentioned above.

Direct effects will include increased heat stress, flooding, drought, and late spring freezes. Climate change also alters pests and disease prevalence, competition from non-native or opportunistic native species, ecosystem disturbances, land-use change, landscape fragmentation, atmospheric and watershed pollutants, and economic shocks such as crop failures, reduced yields, or toxic blooms of algae due to extreme weather events.

That’s what the Midwest can expect.


The people in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District know what they can expect.