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Today, from Senator Claire McCaskill (D) via Facebook:

Senator Claire McCaskill shared a link.

3 hours ago

“Yesterday, I met with Harry Reid and told him I would not be supporting him for Minority Leader. I heard the voters of Missouri loud and clear. They want change in Washington. Common sense tells me that begins with changes in leadership.” – Claire

And some of the responses:

[….] You did not here this voter …….. Stand up and act like a real Democrat !!!! If there is any part of this you do not understand please resign…

[….] I think Democrats running from their leadership is bad. I would like tos ee Missouri Democrats act more like Democrats. Our problem has been Democrats are not standing on their acompolishments but being scared of Republicans.

[….] I am not happy with Harry Reid either but I would not say “The American People have spoken” when only 34% of eligible voters voted and just over half voted for Republicans. That means between 17-18% if the American people have spoken and that is NOT A MANDATE Claire McCaskill

[….] The right wing is ruining Missouri don’t help them.

[….] It would be refreshing if the Republicans did the same and replaced Mitch McConnell. Tired of his turtle face on television. How about new blood on both sides?

Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen.

[….] Whatever you do the Repulicans will not like you. So don’t try to be a Republican or kowtow to their ways. We had enough abandonment of the Democratic Party by Democratic candidates before the election. What we need is some genuine Democratic leadership that is loyal to people of this nation, not corporations and the uber rich.

[….] Change from what Claire? More conservative policies in America? Had enough of them over the last 35 years. You would not be invited to a party with Harry Truman as President so long ago- you are too far to the right..

[….] We lost because dems are cowards. Terrified of their own accomplishments. We run to the prez during prez elections and then run away from him during midterms. I’ve seen this same movie during the Clinton yrs. He got laid and the whole nation goes out of their minds

[….] Et tu, McCaskill?

[….] You did not hear this voter either. Give the GOP NOTHING!!

[….] Very disappointing Senator. With a 34% of the electorate voting I am not sure it meant much of anything. Eating our own helps not a bit!

[….] Shame on you, Claire. Did you notice how popular Dem issues were? They passed across the country. You ran as a Dem; stick with your principles.

[….] Really Senator? if that is the case all of you should be changed not Harry Reid? Are you separating yourself from the other Democrats? Yeah all of you separate yourself from President and now separate yourself from your leader and each other. I feel sorry for us Democrats to have you guys and support you. You are all lost causes and lost souls.

[….] Running to the right. Not unexpected. Claire, you do realize that voter turnout was the lowest in 72 years. I hardly think the people of Missouri spoke loud and clear when most of them didn’t even vote.

That would make it a mandate, right?

[….] I’m against this and see it as a betrayal of your party and your voters. I used to support you Claire, now I don’t.

[….] can’t straddle the fence, claire

[….] well…………dear claire………you have a few years left bluedog…….spineless hack……i’m ashamed even to see the word democrat in front of your name……you don’t deserve it

[….] Harry Reid is not the problem; republicans and blue dog dems like you are the problem.

[….]  Errr, no. The people didn’t vote for change, if they had then they’d be electing progressives, not more corporatists.

[….] Ineffective problem solving often stems from ineffective problem-identification which seems to be at the foundation of the Democratic party. You heard from less than 40% of the American Electorate. That is hardly a message about anything but their own laziness and stupidity. Stop solving the wrong problems please and start coalescing as a party. Or resign. We don’t need weak representatives.

Just a sample. We left out the right wingnut trolls (we think).