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Yesterday, via Twitter, Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) can’t help herself:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Disappointed by judge’s ruling in KC today throwing out the will of 71% of Missourians re: marriage. There’s no ‘right’ to marry in Const. 4:40 PM – 7 Nov 2014

And your point is?:

…Is it possible that public opinion has changed in the ensuing ten years? Just asking. But go ahead, and cling to whatever you wish…

Meanwhile, the Twitter responses are priceless:

Diana ‏@kccatdr

@RepHartzler Nor is there a provision for who can & can’t marry. If 71% of people approved public beheadings, would that stand as law? 4:43 PM – 7 Nov 2014

Blue DuPage ‏@BlueDuPage

There is a right to equal protection in the Constitution. Bigots like yourself can’t just vote our rights away. @RepHartzler 4:44 PM – 7 Nov 2014

Phoenix Blue ‏@Phoenix_Blue

@RepHartzler So if my faith considers your marriage invalid, you have to get an annulment, right? 4:53 PM – 7 Nov 2014

Louise Perry ‏@louise__lep

@KrisKetzKMBC @RepHartzler Other replies so far seem bent on arguing with you. I won’t. You’re an idiot. No arguing that. 5:11 PM – 7 Nov 2014


Doug Boucher ‏@duglas911

@RepHartzler remember Loving v. Virginia? Marriage is a fundamental right protected by the Constitution for EVERYONE. 6:51 PM – 7 Nov 2014

Tony Wyche ‏@tonywyche

@RepHartzler @KrisKetzKMBC How do you feel about #MOLEG throwing out the will of voters on camp. finance, conceal & carry and clean energy? 11:36 AM – 8 Nov 2014

Tony Wyche ‏@tonywyche

@RepHartzler @KrisKetzKMBC Also, if you feel there’s no “right” to marry in the Const., then why are opposite sex couples allowed to do so? 11:37 AM – 8 Nov 2014

You’ve just got to love social media.

We so look forward to future open town hall meetings in the district. Wait…


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): on court rulings – Missouri’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional (November 7, 2014)