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An interesting outcome in the 117th Legislative District race. The unopposed republican candidate won:

Office/Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes

State Representative – District 117 17 of 17 Precincts Reported

Linda Black Democratic 5,081 100.000%

Total Votes: 5,081

[emphasis added]

Apparently Linda Black (r) switched parties immediately after the election because Attorney General Chris Koster doesn’t find gay marriage icky enough (via Facebook):

Linda Black [….] you can be angry and consider this deceptive. I am loyal to my convictions and you do not know what lead to this decision because you have chosen to post rather than call.

This decision became more clear with the recent decision by our atty general to not defend our Missouri Constitution.

And some comments:

[….] Linda you are of course free to be what ever you want, my complaint is that you were not open about your political affiliation. When individuals vote they should have the correct information. That is one of my convictions.

[….] I beg to differ. It was the Democrats that put her in office so it is everyone’s business that voted for her as a Democrat. This was a blatant deception to the party who put her in office. She should have been honest earlier so a Democrat would have had a chance to run against her. This was clearly a political move on her part to save her job by keeping the ballot unopposed!

Talk about bad timing:

Judge rules that gay marriage ban in Missouri is unconstitutional

By Doug Moore

Denying Missouri’s gay couples the opportunity to marry is unconstitutional, a judge ruled this afternoon.

As a result, St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison said in his decision, marriage licenses can be issued beginning today.

“The Court finds and declares that any same sex couple that satisfies all the requirements for marriage under Missouri law, other than being of different sexes, is legally entitled to a marriage license,” Burlison wrote.

He said that the Missouri Constitution violates the Equal Protection Clause and Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution….

Bad timing indeed. Heh. Still, Linda Black (r) is now free to cosponsor any legislation on Agenda 21, Sharia law, or nullification that she’d like.