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The Committee to Protect MO Familes, a PAC, has released a video ad in the 51st legislative District race in support of challenger Gary Grigsby (D) and against incumbent Dean Dohrman (r).

Announcer: Things are still pretty tough around here. That’s why it’s more important than ever that we have someone in Jefferson City who will fight for us. But Dean Dohrman [r] has not been looking out for us. Dohrman supported legislation backed by a St. Louis billionaire that would have cut taxes for the wealthy, slashed funding for local schools, and even raised taxes on the rest of us for things like textbooks and prescription drugs. We can do better. Support Gary Grigsby [D] for state representative. He’ll look out for us, not just the wealthy. Paid for the committee to protect MoFamilies, Martin Walter, treasurer.

We expect that this is running (or will run) on cable, since the 51st Legislative District is not in a major media broadcast market.

At the PAC website:

The Committee to Protect MO Families is a growing broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals who have come together to oppose so-called “Right to Work” efforts in Missouri, as well as the corporate extremists and self-interested politicians who are using “Right to Work” as part of their larger war on the middle class.

Ah, it’s a pro organized labor and working people organization.