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Still another disingenuous piece of campaign mail on behalf of Dean Dohrman (r), the incumbent republican in the 51st Legislative District –  received today and paid for by the Missouri republican party:

Uh, the only groups which can raise our taxes are elected bodies. You know, like the Missouri General Assembly.

Uh, job growth is up in Missouri. It’s not so good in Kansas. You know, the state with the radical right wingnuts in control. Projection, it’s not just for movie theaters.

Who really is fighting to take away our constitutional rights? You know, like maybe equal protection under the law? Just asking.

Gary Grigsby (D) runs a small business, he raised a family, he has worked as a teacher, he served his country as a Marine, he volunteers for Missouri Boys State, he announces for the band at the University of Central Missouri. That’s radical values?

The Missouri republican party is nuts or full of crazy people or run by twenty something morons or all of the above.

Gary Grigsby (D), the Democratic Party candidate in the 51st Legislative District, in rehearsal

this morning as the band announcer for homecoming at the University of Central Missouri.

Meanwhile, Dean Dohrman (r) spent his time in the General Assembly in Jefferson City voting to prevent an imaginary implementation of Sharia Law, voting to stop a right wingnut paranoid fantasy concocted out of the ether in the form of Agenda 21, and voting for nullification (which was settled 150 years ago). Nope, nothing on jobs.

Dean Dohrman (r) did vote to screw education (and the University of Central Missouri) in his district. School Boards across the state opposed that ill conceived cut to public education for the benefit of the wealthiest few.

Dean Dohrman (r) did vote to allow the state to intrude on an individual’s medical decisions.

With no record of legitimate legislative achievement to speak of Dean Dohrman’s (r) benefactors in the Missouri republican party have to resort to mailers like these.


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