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Today, at TPM:

Who’s Behind The Whopping Six Figures Being Spent To Oust A Dem State Judge?

By Dylan Scott Published October 17, 2014, 6:00 AM EDT

A month ago, Missouri GOP prosecutor Brian Stumpe had less than $100 on hand in his campaign to unseat Cole County Circuit Court Judge Patricia Joyce, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Now, just a few weeks later, he has received $100,000 — all of it funneled into his campaign by a national group, the Republican State Leadership Committee, which has spent a total of $200,000 so far in this race for a single state judgeship….

….”If you sue the state of Missouri, if there’s a lawsuit in which you’re bringing a constitutional question or challenging ballot language or a fiscal note by a state auditor, those cases are directed to the Cole County Circuit Court,” Roy Temple, chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party, told TPM. “It is a judgeship that has statewide importance.”

Joyce is the only Democratic judge at the Cole County Circuit Court; her two colleagues are Republican. So ousting her would, in theory, be a significant win for Republicans looking to influence the outcome of the kind of cases Temple described….

What the voters in Cole County are seeing on their television:

Announcer: Meet liberal judge Pat Joyce. Radical environmentalists think Joyce is so groovy. And the lawyers funding her campaign do, too. Pat Joyce ruled against farmers and their property rights so she could side with radical environmentalists. And Joyce’s reelection is bankrolled by the same lawyers who profit from the cases she oversees as judge. Pat Joyce, groovy for them, bad for us.

It’s paid for by the Republican State Leadership Committee – Missouri PAC. They obviously think Cole County voters are stoopit.

“…And the lawyers funding her campaign do, too…” Ah, chutzpah. And yet we don’t know who provided the money for the RSLC-Missouri PAC contribution and ad, do we?

Yes, the RSLC thinks Cole County voters are really stoopit.

“…the same lawyers who profit from the cases she oversees as judge…” All lawyers profit from the cases judges oversee. On all sides of an issue before a court. They get paid for being lawyers, and, you know, that includes appearing in court to do, you know, law things. It’s their job.

Yes, they definitely think Cole County voters are really stoopit.


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