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Wouldn’t it be easier just to buy the whole state outright?

Yesterday, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C141374 10/16/2014 FRIENDS FOR JENNIFER FLORIDA Rex Sinquefield 244 Bent Walnut St Louis MO 65085 retired 10/14/2014 $25,000.00

[emphasis added]

C141374: Friends For Jennifer Florida

3873 Hartford Street Committee Type: Candidate

St Louis Mo 63116 Party Affiliation: Independent

[….] Established Date: 06/09/2014

  Termination Date:

Candidate Treasurer Deputy Treasurer

Jennifer Florida Sharon Oatis

3873 Hartford Street

St Louis Mo 63116 3729 Oak Hill

St Louis Mo 63116


Election History

Election Year Primary Outcome General Outcome Political Office

2014 Recorder Of Deeds City Of St Louis

[emphasis added]