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Today, via Twitter:

Joshua Lyman ‏@joshualyman

Thank a Union Member. They fought for your weekend, your lunch break, your pension, your safety and are still fighting today. #p2 9:32 AM – 1 Sep 2014

Jeff Mazur ‏@jmaz

Some of these pols sending out #LaborDay greetings are like Jesse Helms wishing us a happy MLK Jr. Day. 2:47 PM – 1 Sep 2014

Heh. Or Ronald Reagan (r):

John Fugelsang ‏@JohnFugelsang

Where free unions & collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost. – Ronald Reagan. Happy Labor Day 2:15 PM – 1 Sep 2014

El Guapo ‏@TheDailyRefried

Labor unions have been systematically undermined with the help of elected officials working in conjunction with corporations #HappyLaborDay 2:26 PM – 1 Sep 2014

Robert Reich ‏@RBReich

The biggest Labor Day sale is of our Congress, to the highest bidders. 1:48 PM – 1 Sep 2014


Speaker John Boehner ‏@SpeakerBoehner

This #LaborDay, we tip our cap to America’s workers & pledge to keep doing all we can to bring jobs home. [….] 1:29 PM – 1 Sep 2014