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There’s a very instructive set of interactive maps put together by Jonathan Cohn on The New Republic Website. What they tell us is how much money each state that has rejected the Obamacare Medicaid expansion has lost in federal dollars overall and per capita.

They tell us that Missouri has forfeited 17.8 billion dollars to date, which translates into a per capita loss of 2,967 dollars. The only states where GOP intransigence has hurt its citizens more are Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, or, in per capita terms, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. Distinguished company, almost all states where, by just abut every measure, the quality of life tends to bottom out way, way down there … at the absolute bottom.

Remember these numbers when you hear GOP lawmakers in Jefferson City poormouth when it comes to paying for state services. File it right up there with what you know about that big taxcut for wealthy elites and business cronies, the tax cut that, magically, our revenue-strapped state could afford while, at the same time, lawmakers are claiming we can’t expand Medicaid on the federal dime because … well, in the dimly imagined, apocalyptic future that animates GOP “big government” paranoia, bringing our federal dollars back to the state might somehow, incomprehensibly, cost us too much. Of course, these would be the same folks who seem to be really, truly convinced that cutting rich folks’ taxes will summon the economic growth fairy who will sprinkle the state with some of the same prosperity fairy dust that Sam Brownback used to talk about – before S&P downgraded Kansas’ bond rating for the second time.