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Come to think of it, this could be fun.

Bob Onder (r), a candidate spending Rex Sinquefield’s money in the republican primary for the 2nd Senate District, doesn’t appear to be a fan of crossover voting in a primary:

Bob Onder ‏@BobOnderMO

Union boss urges Dems to take GOP ballot in SD2 primary! We don’t need Democrats stealing elections in St C Co! [….] 7:36 PM – 2 Aug 2014

Without fail every election cycle one can count on hearing at least one amateur “expert” on politics bloviating about the way things ought to be in campaigns. They usually preface their wisdom with the phrase “I’ve been a registered [party name] here in Missouri my entire life…” It is one of the small joys of politics in this state to quietly and quickly reply, “Voters don’t register by party in Missouri.”

Uh, you can select any party ballot in a primary (but only one party) and vote it.

A few replies:

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

I think @BobOnderMO may be confusing “normal electoral activity” with “stealing.” Get a grip. http://bit.ly/1kivrmq  #moleg 1:53 PM – 4 Aug 2014

Alexandra ‏@aliemalie

@ssnich I voted in GOP primaries before voting in GOP primaries was cool. #mosen2012 2:07 PM – 4 Aug 2014

Michael Bersin ‏@MBersin

@ssnich @BobOnderMO Uh, the General Assembly could change parts of RSMo 115 to register voters by party and close primaries. But they won’t. 4:07 PM – 4 Aug 2014

Or alternatively, a candidate could sincerely believe that there’s only one check vote that truly counts.


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