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The Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores [pdf] summarized:

Alexandra ‏@aliemalie

Shorter #SCOTUS: Corporations are people, women are not. #HobbyLobby 9:23 AM – 30 Jun 2014

And other commentary:

A. N. Devers ‏@andevers

Women take birth control for medical health reasons, not for religious reasons. They are now imposing other people’s religions on employees. 9:26 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Adam Griffiths ‏@adamgriffiths

It’s probably a good thing that on days like today #SCOTUS has that buffer zone, no? 9:21 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Jessica Podhola ‏@jessicapodhola

I’m incorporating. I’ll have more rights that way. #SCOTUS #waronwomen 9:35 AM – 30 Jun 2014

jess mcintosh ‏@jess_mc

Good thing elections never hinge on the votes of women. 9:31 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Just a bit of sarcasm:

MrJM ‏@MisterJayEm

Great News!!1! The Court’s narrow decisions only affect: 1) working women’s reproductive rights & 2) work traditionally performed by women. 9:36 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Andrew Shaughnessy ‏@andrewshag

Founders would roll over to know that corporations held stronger power than people in the eyes of #SCOTUS 9:27 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Imani ABL ‏@AngryBlackLady

So #SCOTUS refuses to recognize that women’s repro healthcare is actually healthcare. Which is sweet. And by “sweet” I mean “typical.” 9:33 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Top Conservative Cat ‏@TeaPartyCat

Supreme Court rules that corporations have the right to impose a theocracy on their employees, but limited that right to Christian men. 9:47 AM – 30 Jun 2014

David Waldman ‏@KagroX

If you own enough stock, you can write your own exceptions to federal law. That’s pretty cool. 10:00 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Hailey ‏@haileym77

I suppose that my greatest mistake in life was being born as a female rather than as a corporation. #HobbyLobby #SCOTUS 11:03 AM – 30 Jun 2014

Thanks for nothing, Ralph.