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Oh, no, a platform in low orbit isn’t enough for some people.

We petition the Obama Administration to:

BUILD a military outpost on the MOON! with advanced tech that will help keep our country safe from growing superpowers

There is HEAVY tensions between economic powers since the 90’s like CHINA against TAIWAN.We have a new threat. We outsource a lot of our tech from other countries that we use within military which can be used against us in the future. The world economy is changing the U.S.’s position as a WORLD SUPER POWER. We NEED to BUILD the most advanced MILITARY MOON BASE from tech built ONLY WITHIN the United States ASAP.

We petition to re-start PROJECT HORIZON and to PETITION upon the U.N. to CHANGE the outer space treaty of 1967 to ALLOW the U.S.A. to build moon bases free from appropriation to protect us from terrorist threats and MOST IMPORTANTLY from other SUPER POWER Asia and European countries that are consistently threatening us and showing irresponsible and aggressive military provocations.

Created: May 06, 2014

Issues: Defense, Homeland Security and Disaster Relief, Technology and Telecommunications

Signatures needed by June 05, 2014 to reach goal of 100,000 99,847

Total signatures on this petition 153

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Because it’ll take no time at all for a military unit on the moon to react to a crisis on Earth.

I know, let’s put the base on the dark side of the moon so we can hide it from everyone else.