They threw a revolution called “Operation American Spring” yesterday (and today) in Washington, D.C. and not very many people showed up. The promoters were expecting 10 million to 30 million. That didn’t happen. Many denizens in the Twitter universe responded with sarcasm:

Greg Pinelo ‏@gregpinelo

Had a doctor’s appointment. This new insurance is great! #AmericanSpringexcuses 8:52 AM – 17 May 2014

martha_davidson ‏@martha_davidson

Looks like they could have used a community organizer. #AmericanSpringExcuses 10:39 AM – 17 May 2014

Serial Gramma ‏@SerialGramma

No, we didn’t say “around 10 mill people”… we said “10 people mill around” #AmericanSpringExcuses 7:50 AM – 17 May 2014

lorita mitchell ‏@indogal66

@JoyAnnReid maybe I should have made a left at Albuquerque? #americanspringexcuses 8:05 PM – 16 May 2014

TBogg ‏@tbogg

Is #OperationAmericanSpring a false flag to distract us from #Benghazi or is it the other way around? I forgot. 9:03 AM – 16 May 2014

Robbie Sherwood ‏@RobbieSherwood May 16

#OperationAmericanSpring, or as America will remember it, “Friday.” 8:23 AM – 16 May 2014

Gen JC Xtian patriot ‏@JC_Christian May 16

There may only be 4 of us, but that makes us twice as threatning as the New Black Panthers #operationamericanspring 6:09 AM – 16 May 2014

A rousing success.