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Yesterday Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) posted a comment on Twitter about the election in Afghanistan. Later in the day there were a number of additional responses (including ubiquitous “fire Boehner/Obamacare” spam – interestingly, there is no Benghazi truther spam, yet). Some of the responses (we can’t really tell if they’re constituents) in the other comments are illustrative of the obsessions of the 27%:

Patrick Baker ‏@kameleon_o

@RepHartzler So you’re saying they WON’T be electing Obama?? 6:17 PM – 5 Apr 2014

Ah, we get it. They think that President Obama doesn’t believe in upholding freedom and democracy.


Joseph Fye ‏@josephfye

@RepHartzler That’s great.Let’s also pray this requirment into our elections here as well. What would Fear of the Lord in gov’t look like? 12:51 AM – 6 Apr 2014

Who picks which one we all get to fear? Just asking. By all accounts there are people in Afghanistan who have a strongly held opinion about that.

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