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Somebody in the 4th Congressional District is unhappy enough with Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) that they affixed a “Recall Vicky” sign to their building along a well traveled highway.

It could be buyer’s remorse. We don’t know.

In Post Oak, Missouri in rural Johnson County along Highway 13 just north of the Henry County line:

Approaching Post Oak, Missouri from the south on Highway 13.

Yep, there it is – “Recall Vicky”.

“Recall Vicky” – Someone took some care to attach the sign to the building. It looks like it’ll be up for a considerable amount of time.

We’ve noted that there haven’t been as many open to the general public town halls in the district with Representative Hartzler (r). We miss them, though we seriously doubt we’re a reason why there are fewer. Maybe it’s all those Benghazi truthers who obsessively respond to Represenative Hartzler’s (r) posts on Twitter.