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SB 613: The NRA was for it before they were against it? (February 12, 2014)

Via Senator Brian Nieves’ (r) Facebook page:

Brian Nieves shared a link.

3 hours ago

This may be the strangest, most unexpected email I’ve ever written but I believe YOU deserve the truth…. Ladies & Gentlemen, the NRA is using the same inappropriate, dishonest, and disgusting tactics we only expect from the left!! They are attacking Senate Bill 613, Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, based on LIES! They are reporting that an amendment was placed on the bill that was not. At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt, assuming they’d simply made an error but they’ve now put out another alert that contains some of the same LIES!! Senate Bill 613 is still in process and it has had a couple amendments placed on it BUT there is NOT an amendment on the bill, nor will there ever be, that does what the NRA is reporting. The second amendment preservation act (SB613) is arguably the most powerful piece of gun legislation in the country and it MUST pass. Why in the world the NRA would be opposing it is beyond my ability to reason but it’s time for them to stand down and start helping. There is an amendment that talks about Stolen Guns and has No Penalty, No Fine and only pertains to firearms that a person is aware of having been stolen. This amendment does NOT pertain to lost firearms and has no wording that involves “should have known” stuff! The amendment also effects what is known as the severable clause and when it’s all said and done, the amendment will be REMOVED. I am completely open to the idea of the NRA, or any other group, addressing concerns that are accurate and true but to see such a respected organization resort to LIES and Distortions is very diss-heartening to say the least. As I said, the bill is still a Long Way from being finished AND the amendment the NRA doesn’t like will be removed. I just can’t stand to see them out & out, LIE about the bill/amendment. Are you an NRA member? Call them and ask them to move back in the direction of credibility and respect by retracting what they’ve said about this bill/amendment and moving forward with truth instead of acting like the liberal left and resorting to lies and distortion. You can read the bill in it’s full, current, form by searching for SB613 at http://www.senate.mo.gov/nieves you can even watch my press conference on this subject.

It would be funny if a significant number of non-members contacted the NRA and encouraged them to keep opposing the bill.

Meanwhile, it’s movie night at the casa:

…Guy’s a clod. Promises were made, gifts exchanged…

Pass the popcorn.