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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) took to Twitter last night to comment on President Obama’s State of the Union address. Hilarity ensued:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Getting ready for the President’s State of the Union address. Hope he extends hand to Congress rather than threatening more executive action 5:08 PM – 28 Jan 2014

One of the responses:

Matt Hendon ‏@MMHen22

@RepHartzler it might be time for the House to start doing something besides obstruction 5:36 PM – 28 Jan 2014

And then:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Will the President inspire Americans to be all they can be or engage in ‘shame and blame’ pitting one group against another? Hope the first.5:24 PM – 28 Jan 2014

That one gathered the usual Benghazi truther spam. Some of the other responses:

Scott Charton ‏@ScottCharton

@RepHartzler Nice negative frame before The President utters a word. Shameful. 5:35 PM – 28 Jan 2014

Fake Ed Emery ‏@Ed_Emrey

@RepHartzler thankfully you have never pitted on side against this other. That’s why you are dabes. 6:16 PM – 28 Jan 2014

And then:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Agreed with the Pres. that we believe in opportunity for all & you can get ahead if work hard & take responsibility. Govn.’s not the answer. 8:11 PM – 28 Jan 2014

Two responses:

Nurse Ratched ‏@veggie64_leslie

@RepHartzler Then why do you accept farm subsidies from the Government? 9:21 PM – 28 Jan 2014

Bob Yates ‏@OldDrum

@RepHartzler So, if government is not the answer will you propose defunding PUBLIC education and no more farm subsidies? 4:59 AM – 29 Jan 2014

Maybe the first, probably not the second.