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Yesterday, via Twitter and Facebook, from Senator Brian Nieves (r):

briannieves ‏@briannieves

Why does Tony Messenger live in Wildwood instead of the Near North Side? Why is he enjoying a $10 Breakfast and not working a Soup Kitchen? 9:34 AM – 18 Jan 2014

Brian Nieves

OK – Serious question… Is it monumentally hypocritical for someone like Tony Messenger, who always writes about the plight of the poor, the plundering of the rich, and the glory of STL City, to live in a fairly affluent area – far disconnected from the Urban Core – and be at a mild to moderately high priced breakfast place on a Saturday morning instead of serving the poor at a Soup kitchen?

Now look – I’m a million miles away from perfect and I’m sure there is much to be said about stupid things I’ve done but how about asking the Extremist Leftist Liberals in the press to at least pretend to LIVE what they Preach! Your thoughts?

Yesterday at 7:56am

One of the responses:

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

For the record, my daughter enjoyed her “mild to moderately high priced” chocolate chip dinosaur pancakes this morning. Cc: @briannieves 1:28 PM – 18 Jan 2014


Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

@tonymess What’s for breakfast? 6:42 AM – 19 Jan 2014


Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

Someone stole my paper this morning. Neighborhood has really gone down since they let the fully indoctrinated Marxist liberals in. #subtweet 8:22 AM – 19 Jan 2014