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Today, via Twitter:

VirginiaYoung ‏@VirginiaYoung

The only Christmas cheer in my office comes from @AxiomStrategies Christmas card, which was addressed to @tonymess but I opened anyway. 11:38 AM – 19 Dec 13

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

@VirginiaYoung @AxiomStrategies Always stealing my cards! 11:39 AM – 19 Dec 13

VirginiaYoung ‏@VirginiaYoung

@tonymess For a crack political consultant, @AxiomStrategies is sure slow in learning your new address. What’s it been, 3 yrs? 4:03 PM – 19 Dec 13

Oh, they knew.

Uh, if your client’s budget allows carpet bombing multiple direct mail pieces to every voter, damn the households, does it matter?