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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) with Representative Joe “You lie!” Wilson (r)

in Warrensburg, Missouri on September 18, 2012. [file photo]

Maybe those were happier times.

Today, in Columbia, Missouri:

Tribune Politics ‏@cdtpolitics

@RepHartzler moves flag for press conference to avoid image with Obama [….] 3:20 PM – 17 Dec 13

Sean Nicholson ‏@ssnich

FIXED MT @cdtpolitics: @RepHartzler moves flag for presser to avoid image w/ Kenyan [….] 3:23 PM – 17 Dec 13

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RT @cdtpolitics: @RepHartzler moves flag for press conference to avoid image with Obama [….] 3:23 PM – 17 Dec 13

Between Party Lines

Hartzler moves flag for press conference to avoid image with Obama

By Rudi Keller

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 3:01 pm

….When Hartzler was finished with her tour, she found it difficult to locate a spot for talking with reporters. She suggested going in front of a large window but the television reporters on hand said that would send streaming light into their cameras. When I suggested standing by an American flag near the entrance, she halted because of another problem – it was immediately to the right of a picture of Obama….

….She asked press aide Steve Walsh to move the flag away from Obama’s picture and when he was finished, she was ready to speak to reporters.

Asked why she would not stand by the flag where it stood, she said nothing. Asked if it was a problem with the president, she sought to make light of it. “So there’s going to be an article about that, eh?,” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m curious about that,” I replied. “What’s the problem?”….

….Hartzler had one more thing to say before we got to the regular business of the press conference.

“Oh dear, I’ll never live that one down.”

It’s a consistent message.

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

No, @RepHartzler, you will not live this down, because it’s a vain, silly move [….] 3:28 PM – 17 Dec 13

Alexandra ‏@aliemalie

My congresswoman, @RepHartzler, is an embarrassment. [….] #MO4 3:38 PM – 17 Dec 13

That’s a consistent message, too.