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From a commenter at Balloon Juice:

….We’re thrilled to finally be able to get insurance that will actually be, you know, insurance. We’ve been going bare because the only policies we could afford were such crap & also expensive enough that we couldn’t afford to use them. I know that sentence doesn’t seem to make sense, but if you’ve been in the insurance market it does.

We’ve got the account part done & are deciding between the plans. I believe we have 28 or 32 to choose from (in Nevada). Our state, despite our Repub governor, does have a website up & running. It is clunky, but manageable. There has been swearing, though.

We’ll have a plan chosen & paid for by the Dec. deadline, because we want, nay NEED, insurance ASAP. We’re going through plans a few at a time because it is just mind-numbingly boring & we don’t want to f*ck it up. Lots &lots of details & similarities that could turn out to be a huge deal if we get it wrong. So we are thinking about it.

Also, too, not to be shallow & have my priorities screwed up, but Christmas expenses are here, plus all my kids’ birthdays in the next 8 weeks. So we’re juggling how & when to pay for everything. And, as said above, the deadline is weeks away.

Also, we’ve shopped for insurance in the past, and I have to say, this is NOT harder or more complicated than that was. Losing the BS “medical history” catalog you had to fill out makes up for several tries with the clunky website. Easily.

As I said yesterday, breathe, people. This will work. As long as the backstabbing D’s don’t kill it in the cradle.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) via twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler 16h

Only 106k have successfully signed up for #Obamacare. 751 Missourians were successful. RT if you agree the rollout is a #trainwreck 3:25 PM – 13 Nov 13

Does that “successful” number only include individuals who have “signed up for the plan and already paid for it”? Or is that people who have signed up on the site and haven’t made their choice yet? There is a difference.

From another commenter at Balloon Juice:

About two weeks ago I went on the site for the first time. A couple glitchy things but I was still able to register and see the list of available plans in about 20 minutes. It took a little longer to figure out what plans would cover my current primary doctor. Health care dot gov linked me to the various insurance company sites to search for my doctor and they were a bit clunky too.

I know what I’m going to buy but haven’t gone through and completed the transaction. No reason other than I procrastinate. It’s what I do.

A few questions:

Do we want to go back to a time when people with preexisting conditions couldn’t get insurance or couldn’t afford to leave a job because they had a preexisting condition?

Do we want to go back to a time when insurance companies practiced recission (retroactive cancellation of your health insurance by a company because you may have made a mistake on your initial insurance application)?

Do we want to go back to a time when their were lifetime caps on health insurance benefits?

If we repeal the individual mandate for so called healthy people, what do we do when they have a catastrophic illness or a major accidental injury? In the right wingnut world of personal responsibility do we deny them any and all medical care they can’t pay for in full? What about their children who can’t and didn’t make that risky “choice”?

Do we want to go back to a time when insurance companies could sell “junk” insurance with no real catastrophic health/injury benefits to people who couldn’t normally afford insurance in the individual market?

There are a lot more questions, not very many answers from right wingnuts.