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Today, via Twitter, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

New report shows 4.7 million people visited Obamacare website on the first day but only SIX (6) people were able to enroll!!! Unbelievable! 7:24 AM – 1 Nov 13

Think about that for a second. Four point seven million people visited the web site on the first day. A need and pent up demand? Just asking.

So, has the thought crossed anyone’s mind that the first number impacted the second number? Just asking.

Because the site was designed to sign up everyone on the first day. Right.

A Twitter reply:

KCLiveMusicBlog ‏@KCLiveMusicBlog

@RepHartzler here’s a novel idea, why not try helping to fix it instead of grandstanding? You did everything you could to make it fail. 7:26 AM – 1 Nov 13

Usually when there’s a problem the response from rational people is to try and fix it. Usually.

Meanwhile, today:


….Is the site still a disaster? I suppose that a crazy person could subject himself to the eight hundredth hour of Darrell Issa searching for a nut, or you could log on to the website today and see how it works. I chose option two. Here is what I found: everything seems pretty snappy. I registered an account, answered a bunch of questions and shopped for plans without any delays or major bugs getting in my way. Having always lived with employer coverage I cannot say whether the plans are an especially good deal for my exact category of consumer, but I could definitely live with the options I found.

The site does have annoying bug where your only way to go forward is to click on a non-functioning big green button. That would potentially be a game-ender, but each time that happened I fixed it by reloading the page. Basically, setting aside one non-fatal bug and the final application submission, which I skipped because I like my work plan, healthcare.gov works fine….

[emphasis added]

Yeah, you’d think someone would actually check.

From comments at Balloon Juice:

….I completed our family’s enrollment last night and even paid the initial premium online. Happy days! Now after 10 years of “patchwork” healthcare and little to no insurance coverage, I can breath a little easier….

….I registered and started poking around the site. It loaded quickly, the pages worked as designed and I encountered no problems. I didn’t go too far because I am currently insured and don’t live in a state that uses healthcare.gov, but I believe the bulk of the website troubles are resolved (or will be within a week or two)….

…Ultimately, I gave up on my current application and started a new one, with a new gmail address and a variation on my login ID. Everything else was the same, and it worked perfectly….

And sign up on the site goes on for several more months.