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In 1994, then U.S. Senate candidate John Ashcroft walked in the homecoming parade in Warrensburg. At the time, as a candidate, he repeatedly avoided expressing any opinion on Amendment 7, which was on the November ballot and which would have had devastating economic impact on institutions like the university. The crowd at the parade knew this. And they were going to let him know something else. John Ashcroft was loudly and continually heckled by individuals over the entire parade route.

The sole republican entry in the parade. Apparently there were no elephants available to pull the wagon.

Irony. Cue the regular commenter.

Via Twitter today, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

Beautiful day for Homecoming at MU and UCM! Go Tigers! Good luck, Mules! 10:04 AM – 26 Oct 13

During “off” years in the election cycle fewer politicians participate in the populist tradition of walking in a college homecoming parade. ‘Tis the season, and since it’s an off year, not too many politicians participated in today’s parade in Warrensburg. Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) didn’t walk in the University of Central Missouri parade (as far as I could tell). We haven’t heard from anyone who saw her at the University of Missouri homecoming parade in Columbia (not that we checked with any diligence). We suspect if she did she would have posted a cheery blurb with a picture via Twitter.

Do you think if Representative Hartzler (r) had walked in the University of Central Missouri parade she would have heard from constituents who weren’t happy about her vote to keep the government shut down? You betcha.

Interestingly, Representatives Denny Hoskins (r) and Representative Dean Dohrman (r), who voted to screw the University of Central Missouri, didn’t walking in today’s parade either.

Do you think if Representatives Hoskins (r) and Dohrman (r) had walked in the parade they would have heard from constituents who were unhappy about their lack of support for the welfare of the university? You betcha.

If you heckle a politician in a parade and they’re not there to hear it because they were busy making potato soup, brats and chocolate sheet cake, will they notice your displeasure?

Gary Grigsby (D), a candidate for the 51st Legislative District did walk in today’s parade. He was greeted warmly by individuals in the crowd.

Gary Grigsby, the Democratic Party candidate in the 51st Legislative District.

Enthusiastic party identification by legislative candidates is rare these days.

Consultants tell candidates to not place their party identification on their signs. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy then, doesn’t it?


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