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From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. this evening during “rush hour” in Warrensburg, at the corner of Maguire and Business 50, seven individuals picketed against the federal government shutdown. Three of the individual pickets were veterans. Warrensburg is in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District and is represented in Washington by Vicky Hartzler (r). Esquire‘s Charles P. Pierce leads with Representative Hartzler (r) in Meet the Morons Who Caused the Shutdown.

Whiteman Air Force Base is located ten miles east of Warrensburg. There is a significant population of military retirees, active duty personnel, and civilian DoD employees who live in the Warrensburg area.

In the hour that the group picketed they were greeted with supportive horn honking and “thumbs up”. There was a much smaller number of negative comments. That shouldn’t be a surprise considering the number of local people who were affected by the DoD furloughs. On occasion, when traffic was stopped at the light, the pickets engaged in conversations with drivers and passengers.

Two thumbs up.

“End the shutdown, do your job Vicky”


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