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Interesting. The republican controlled House is passing piecemeal funding legislation. Aside from previously naming post offices and voting at every opportunity to defund Obamacare, they’d normally be hard pressed to find a vote button in the chamber. It must be confusing for them.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) via Twitter today:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

House voted bipartisanly to fund pediatric cancer research. @SenatorReid won’t consider the bill. Come on Senate, #LetsTalk 8:18 AM – 8 Oct 13

Some of the responses:

Jill Floyd ‏@JillFloyd13

@RepHartzler Send clean CR & it will all be over. Why won’t you? B/c your #LetsTalk is the new “negotiate? I’ve sen hot mic vid @SenatorReid 8:20 AM – 8 Oct 13

Grim_Chkn ‏@grm_chikn

.@RepHartzler YOU had 19 chances and refused, stop being shady http://www.nationaljournal.com… … @SenatorReid 8:20 AM – 8 Oct 13

Randall Rogers ‏@Randy520

@RepHartzler @SenatorReid The same can be said about the house Cruz will not let the house vote on the clean CR so now what keep lying 8:21 AM – 8 Oct 13

Dress Your Book ‏@DressYourBook

@RepHartzler @SenatorReid its all or nothing. That is important but what about me getting paid to feed my kids! Thats important also! 8:24 AM – 8 Oct 13

Avocet ‏@_Avocet

@RepHartzler Congresswoman, why has the House not passed the regular 2014 appropriations bill to fund cancer research? #RepublicanWankers 8:27 AM – 8 Oct 13

Warren Smith ‏@WarrenESmith

@RepHartzler @SenatorReid pass a clean CR and those kids will get cared for. 8:35 AM – 8 Oct 13

Peter Ver Brugge ‏@p_verbrug

@RepHartzler This is the most backwards way to look at it. If you wanted to fund cancer research, why did you shut down the government? 10:21 AM – 8 Oct 13

Rusty Colbert ‏@RustyColbert

@RepHartzler @SenatorReid Put the clean CR bill up for a vote.. But you wont because GOP wanted this and will destroy America. #VOTEOUTGOP 3:41 PM – 8 Oct 13


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…I don’t think we’ll be seeing any open to the general public town halls in the district anytime soon…

It doesn’t look good, does it?