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Still, nothing about hot meals for the hungry.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) via twitter today:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

POTUS has closed open-air memorials to the people in an unprecedented move. #PoliticalTheater #LetsTalk 8:23 AM – 9 Oct 13

The bastard. Next, we’ll be hearing that he personally took food out of the mouths of hungry children. Oh, wait…

Some of the replies:

ReginaldConwayIII ‏@ReginaldConway

@RepHartzler You know what’s unprecedented is you actually showing up for work. But we’d really like it if you #justvote you bum. 8:24 AM – 9 Oct 13

From a supporter:

Jeanette ‏@texasfreedom101

@RepHartzler O won’t negotiate w/@GOP but will negotiate w/ Syria Iran &Russia? [….] #HarryReidsShutdown #MakeDCListen 8:24 AM – 9 Oct 13

Uh, everyone knows that you don’t ever negotiate with terrorists.


Timwayne ‏@PTSDisSAD

@RepHartzler one need only ignore 1 sign”stay off the grass”Its a park,who will come back to pay the fine?Are there walls around our parks? 8:30 AM – 9 Oct 13

Good question.

And another:

Avocet ‏@_Avocet

@RepHartzler Congresswoman, why has the House not passed the regular 2014 appropriations bill to fund Nat’l Parks? #RepublicanWankers 8:36 AM – 9 Oct 13


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